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Things to Consider Before Buying an External Hard Drive

Technological advancements have revolutionized the storage and organization of digital documents and folders, particularly where Apple charges 99 cents every month for providing 50 GB of iCloud storage. This streamlines the need for external drives which have been also undergone a dramatic change in the past with modern hard disk drives and the launch of the USB Type-C hard drive that is faster and more durable. Smartly crafted for loading a terabyte of extra storage to your PC or laptop with a simple plug-in of a USB cable, these external drives can provide you the perfect backup of your files and folders.

With so many options in the market, you might feel a bit overwhelmed while making a buying decision. To help you out, here are some of the factors that you should consider when investing in an external hard drive:

Check Out the Interfaces
Purchasing an external hard drive might seem easier than it actually is as the data transmission speed of an external hard drive is determined by how well it connects with your Mac or PC. With the continuous changes in the connection types, there are many connectivity interfaces in the market that might get you confused. Currently, if you are looking for the fastest connectivity mechanism, you should go for the Thunderbolt 3 port. The biggest reason behind choosing hard drives equipped with the Thunderbolt technology is that it uses the innovative USB Type-C connector which ensures providing you with blazing speeds. Apart from that, most of the desktops that support Thunderbolt 3 also come with an extra USB connection and DisplayPort.

Watch Out for the Rugged Construction

In case you find the need to carry your drive on a frequent basis, you should pay heed to drives that come with a heavy-duty construction and can easily withstand the daily wear and tear. There are many models in the online market that are decked with plastic bumpers while some of the drives are housed with military-grade components for ensuring dust and shock protection. You can also look for water-resistant design such as the IP67 and IP68 designed hard drives. Since you will be carrying the external hard drive, you would like your travel companion to look nice. You can choose the sleek and slim designed hard drives but make sure that they are able to endure the bumps and shocks.

Choose a Drive for Large Media Collections

In case you are a photo editor or own a massive video or stills collection, you will possibly need several terabytes of space to provide storage to the files. This makes the desktop-class drive an ideal option for your needs. These drives are known for being equipped with one or more spinning-platter drives in the interior. They offer an inexpensive repository for file backups and organization.


Ultimately, while buying an external hard drive, make sure you are prioritizing speed, capacity, and interfaces properly. Buying the right external hard drive will provide you a faster access to your files and folders.

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