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14 Healthy Sleeping Habits

Many people today experience difficulties finding and getting good quality sleep.  According to experts, your daily routines and behavior, and especially just before going to bed can have a significant impact on how you will sleep at night. Many of these will either promote sound sleep or lead to sleeplessness.


Daily routines (prescribed medications, what you drink or eat, sleeping schedules, how you spend your evenings, and physical activities) are known to have an impact on sleep health. Making even the slightest changes to your routine can be the difference between sleeplessness and sleeping soundly. Creating a 2-week sleep diary should help you understand how some of the basic routines affect your sleep.


Sleep hygiene can be described as a series of habits that improve your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep with minimal disruptions. The series of habits form behavior that your body and mind adapt to, to set its internal clock and functioning. Some of these habits are used in cognitive behavioral therapy to help treat chronic insomnia and sleeplessness. Therapists use these habits and events to determine what would be preventing you from getting good quality sleep.


If you have been finding it hard to fall asleep, or want to improve your sleep patterns, then the following habits/routines will come in handy. You should also consider talking to a sleep doctor to help pinpoint the reason you aren’t sleeping well.


Quick Sleep Tips


  1. Create a consistent sleep schedule – wake up at the same time every day including vacations and weekends.
  2. Go to bed early: Going to bed early will enable you to get at least 7 hours of sleep.
  3. Only go to bed when sleepy
  4. Get out of bed if you cannot seem to fall asleep after 20 minutes of going to bed
  5. Create a relaxing routine for bedtime
  6. Only use your bed for sex and sleep
  7. Ensure your bedroom is quiet, comfortable, and relaxing and you have a Zeopedic mattress
  8. Limit exposure to bright lights in the evening
  9. Avoid electronic devices a 1 hour to bedtime
  10. Avoid large meals before bedtime
  11. Maintain a healthy diet plan and exercise regularly
  12. Avoid coffee in the evening
  13. Avoid alcohol as well
  14. Reduce fluid intake just before bedtime


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