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7 Best Kickstarter Marketing Companies

When you launch a Kickstarter campaign, you have to know what types of marketing to use and at what stages of your campaign to use each one. So, I’ve put together a list of the seven best Kickstarter marketing services and how to best leverage each one.

Momentum will be a big tool in making the most of your marketing campaign. You should make it a goal to raise at least 40% of your campaign’s goal, on the day that you launch. This requires a proper pre-launch marketing strategy. If you do this well, you’ll increase your chance of a Kickstarter staff pick, and inclusion in Kickstarter’s newsletter. Now I’ll show you how to use the top seven Kickstarter tools to accomplish this.


#1: Funded.Today

Funded Today is a marketing service that uses Facebook Ads to bring sales to your campaign. The best part about Funded Today, is they use their own money to run the ads for you. They’ve spent up to $200,000 of their own money on Facebook ads for individual campaigns. They earn their revenue by collecting a 25%-35% fee off the top of your campaign once you’re successful. This fee is of gross income so make sure your margins are high enough to earn a profit.

There are reports of Funded Today collecting a $2,000 to $5,000 fee upfront for running test ads. If they request this of you, then skip to the next service. They know what they’re doing and this extra fee is a sign that your campaign isn’t the best fit for them.


#2: Gadget Feed

Gadget Feed provides a marketing package up front and doesn’t charge anything until after you’ve received your profits. They promote your campaign to their social outlets and give you a featured position in their magazine. This service guarantees a 500% ROI. They also have a satisfaction guarantee. It would be easy to receive sales from this service without paying for it.

The downside to Gadget Feed, is they only promote tech products and only accept a few campaigns per week. Use this service early in your campaign to get the most pledges on your launch day.


#3: Eventys Partners

Eventys Partners is the only full-service marketing agency on the list. They have a great history with lots of positive reviews online. If you have the budget for a crowdfunding agency then this is the one I recommend. They can handle everything from video production to getting you published by digital magazines. The downside to this service is that it requires a larger marketing budget than others on the list.


#4: Salvador Briggman

There are many great consultants for crowdfunding campaigns. Salvador is as the only one on this list. This is because he is the only one that gives all his valuable knowledge away for free. Salvador owns and runs both CrowdCrux and Kickstarter Forum. He also has a YouTube channel with many helpful videos. He has created a great source of value in the Kickstarter community and this knowledge makes him a great consultant. He offers help through many outlets including a newsletter, ebook, forum, pocasts, YouTube videos, and his blog.


#5: Krowdster

Krowdster has made the list because they have some great services. However, they also offer services that should be ignored. Skip over their press release service, it won’t get you far. However, they offer pre-launch pages, twitter marketing, and media lists that could be valuable to your campaign. The media lists can save you a lot of time in getting your campaign published by magazines. The Pre-Launch pages they provide, are a great tool to help you get 40% of pre-orders on day one. Also, their Twitter marketing is a unique service. The idea is to use a list of top Kickstarter enthusiasts and leverage their automated software to engage with each individual on that list. I refer to this as “botting” and believe that it’s against Twitters TOS. However, it could be usefull in building an audience of targeted buyers.


#6: Backercamp

The idea behind Backer Camp is that you pay $379 to be featured to their community of Superbackers. You also need to offer this group an exclusive discount. Since this cuts into your margins; I don’t recommend this service as traditional marketing. Instead, you can use Backer Camp when your campaign hits a slump in momentum. The extra pledges from Superbackers receiving your Early Bird discounts, after your Early Bird has sold out, will give you more momentum.

Backer Camp offers a guaranteed positive ROI. They also offer a deferred fee. However, it’s only deferred for a few weeks which means you’ll need to pay before your campaign is over.


#7: KickBooster

Kickbooster is an easy way to create an Affiliate marketing campaign for your crowdfunding project. The benefit to this is that it can lead to a lot of marketers pushing sales to your campaign in exchange for a 15% marketing fee. You’ll find most of these links coming from Twitter, but you might receive some extra magazine articles or blog posts to your campaign if you sign up.

This service does not offer guaranteed sales. However, it only costs you a small fee up front. An important thing to note is they can’t track your number of sales. So the percentage based fee they charge is based off an estimation.

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