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7 Tips To Buy A Water Feature

Do you want to purchase a water feature for your garden this summer – well here are some tips and things to look for.

1 Don’t forget how important the right location can be. Before you begin digging, make sure to check for utility lines and make sure there are none nearby. Try not to place the pond underneath any trees, this is a quick recipe for a pond full of debris. Spray fountains are beautiful, but if you set them up where the wind can hit it then you’ll have water spraying everywhere. And lastly, zoning codes are important. Many areas have laws involving where you can build a water garden in relation to your property line.

2 Consider the proportion, style, and scale. A fountain larger than your house may sound great, but in reality it’s awkward and ugly. Try to make the water fountain function as part of the surroundings rather than the focal point. If your garden is small, just as one example, a ceramic pot with a simple bubbler may be all you need. If your house or garden have a more formal look then geometric lines offer the best look. An informal style of garden or home can be best complemented with a water feature that looks like natural surroundings.

3 Get a permit and license if the city requires it. The local zoning laws can be quite different depending on where you live. Not to mention, certain types of fountains may require extra electrical wiring or a plumbing connection.

4 Don’t destroy your budget. Doing the work yourself may be able to save you money, but that doesn’t mean you should go all out on the type of water feature you build! Get something that looks nice and doesn’t break the bank.

5 Decide if you want a still-water or moving water garden. Moving water is the more “traditional” style of water feature. It makes a pleasant bubbling sound like a small river, which can mask the sounds of traffic and other city noises. Still water can often have an incredibly tranquil appearance, creating a reflecting pool that looks beautiful and elegant. If you want to have moving water, then you’ll need a power source. Otherwise the pump can’t run. While most pumps require 120-volt circuits, the traditional voltage level, there are versions available that can use lower voltage circuits. Installing these circuits can be much easier since you don’t have to worry about personal safety gear.

6 Decide if you want to keep fish or plants in your water feature. Fish can be great for a water feature since they can help keep the population of mosquitoes in check. If you want plants, then still water is best. Moving water is best for fish, since it provides a higher amount of oxygen suggest Outdoor Fountain Pros. For water plants, you’ll also need to ensure they get at least five hours, if not more, of direct sunlight each and every day. On the other hand, if you have a shallow pond then you’ll end up with the water evaporating before you can truly enjoy your water feature. A float valve can help fix this problem.

7 Keep safety in mind. Just like with a swimming pool, young children can quickly and easily drown even in shallow water. Ensure your water feature is properly fortified against invading small children. If you do have small children, try building a fence around your water feature. You may also want to simply build it somewhere out of the reach of small children. Like most things, installing a fountain higher up can keep it out of the reach of young children.

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