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Excellent Tips to get rid of Smoking naturally

Every 8 members out of 10 will have the aim to quit from their smoking addiction, but unable to do. There are beautiful and natural tips which will work best to get rid of smoking. The only thing you need is strong determination and practicing some smoke cessation programs. Here are few tips for smokers who are willing to quit from it. Both your smoking habits and smoking addiction can be handled and controlled following these tips.

First of all, one thing you should identify is you might have inculcated many habits along with smoking or while smoking. Here comes the preliminary step to sort out all your habits where you use to smoke and the associated ones. You need to finalize the entire inventory which include smoking. For example, here are few habits where most of the people smoke along with the below given actions –

  • After meals
  • During break times of work
  • In the very fresh morning after getting woke up
  • While answering long phone calls
  • While watching television
  • While driving in your car or when you leave for home from duty, etc.

Yes, the simpler thing now you can do is – catalogue the entire activities and try to stop doing them or at least replace them with other activities. Stop watching TV for a month or two. Instead go for a movie or meet your friends. Remove ash trays and smoking stuff in your home. Keep carrots with you to eat while you are feeling a sense to have something in your mouth.

The next step to control addiction of smoking is to try Nicotine replacement therapies as your body and organs will get addicted with the regular nicotine levels in order to work. This makes you to carve for nicotine. To avoid this, try nicotine replacement therapies which make you to keep away from nicotine intake.

Subsequently, join the group who are already trying to quit smoking just like you and following natural tips. You people can admire each other and discuss over methods and techniques that worked best and that failed to work to get rid of smoking. You will have a broad view on all quit methods and will be encouraged. You will be in a position to suggest and encourage others as you will have learnt in a great deal from the group.
Anyhow, the above said ones are easy to say but require a lot of confidence and will power to follow and succeed. Your full efforts and determination is of more important which makes you to realize and feel happy upon your health and financial benefits occurred while getting rid of smoking. It’s worth to keep your time, effort and will power to achieve. And finally you enjoy and celebrate the joy and freedom of you from Cigars. You will be listed in the exclusive batch of ex-smokers who got out of the habit in full.

Simple and Easy Tips:

Here are short, simple and hassle-free guidelines that help you to stop smoking.  Try these tips and get hope in getting relieved from nicotine habit.

The best possible yet tough task is to be positive and to think positive.

Never give up even if you face a bad situation or a back step. Still you have opportunity to quit smoking.

  • List out the reasons required to stop smoking. Paste this copy in every place where you will go and have your habitat like your home, office, car, etc. Keep always one copy with you so that it acts like a reminder in order to not forget your goal.
  • Change your cigar break with other fruit juice break.
  • Avoid the natural habit of lighting the cigar.
  • Prepare your mind to face and overcome some withdrawal symptoms that you experience while your trials to stop smoking.
  • Consider amazing activities like meditation, yoga or some dance classes to reduce your irritation levels. These activities will definitely decrease your irritating levels.
  • Always keep chewing gums and candies with you as they replace cigar very well. Whenever your mouth carves for nicotine, you can take them so that your mouth will always be kept wet avoiding its dryness.
  • Join hands with the groups which involve people who are trying to quit smoking like you. You will get more tips to share and more support from the fellow beings.
  • Make a habit of celebrating every step of your success stair as a milestone and indulge yourself with occasions, movies and friends or a short walk in the lawn.
  • Have a glance over your benefits upon quitting smoke and observe them keenly. Your clothing, home and car will no longer smell like smoke. You will get a pleasant feel to kiss your beloved.

All these tips are natural and assist you completely in getting rid of your smoking habit.

Smoking Cessation Formula:

The first and foremost thing that everyone would recognize and follow before taking measures to quit smoking is following the smoking cessation formula. It is explained hereunder. Everyone fails to realize this simple technique to follow.

Quitting is Hard: Quitting Smoking habit becomes hard and tough if you first stop smoking and then wait for your desire to fade away.

Quitting id Easy: Your habit of smoking will become simple and easier if you first remove your desire for smoking and then start to stop smoking.

Stages involved:

  • Trust your confidence: and Crush the Fear of Quitting: Here you break the fears that keep you stuck to your habit, you strengthen your belief that you can stop smoking and remove all the obstacles that prevent you from becoming a happy non-smoker.
  • Prefer to Quit: In this stage, you should admit that you have to get rid of smoking and make your quit arrangement.
  • Transform Your Smoking prototype: In this stage, learn and practice the life without cigars and the replacing things especially when your mind carves for cigarettes.
  • Observe Smoke Free Life: You should have keen observance on your life without cigar where you will experience, happiness, healthy, relaxation and peace of mind.


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