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How to make your home a Security Fortress with Security Cameras

Being concerned with your privacy is a very smart move. Having security cameras at home has become a common practice in thousands of regular homes and offices. Nowadays the technology is progressing and the world is changing very fast. And the ways, that other people come up with to hurt us, also change. This is why we need to protect ourselves and our homes.


Why should I install security cameras at home?


The reasons for installing security cameras are plenty. First, if you have children security cameras with real-time feed can help you monitor your children when you are in a different room or even in a different place. If there is any danger to your child or you see that a stranger is approaching your home you can get to your child immediately or call for help. You can monitor you babysitter’s interaction with the children and see if you have chosen well a person to take care of them. This is an advanced version of a baby monitor and a nanny cam.


If you are afraid that your house is going to get burgled you can install security cameras. If the thieves will catch wind of your new acquisition they will likely find your house more trouble than it is worth. And if you get burgled you will have the footage to help with the investigation. These are only some of the reasons you should get a security camera. I am sure you can think of more.


How to install them?


The thing is, you can get your security system installed by professionals or you can do it yourself. To do it yourself you must first determine how many cameras you are going to need and where to put them. If you want to install the cameras inside you should put them in the corners, as from there the camera will “see” more. If you want to install them outside, it is most important to install one in the area of your front door, to see who exactly is behind it. Put them high enough to make it difficult for local vandals to knock them out.


Once you have decided where to put them you should drill them in place and connect to the power outlet. Attach the camera to your DVR. For this you will need to use a BNC cable. Attach your DVR to the monitor of your choice via an HDMI cable and enjoy the view.


If you have wireless cameras then they should have a software disc attached to the set. Use it to install surveillance program that will feed to your computer or TV. This method is much easier for most to use, but such cameral will likely cost you more.

Now when you have secured your home you can monitor everything that is happening on your property when you are there and when you are away. And we bet you will find out really soon who steals your cookies from the cookie jar.


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