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Are you suffering from Sleep Deprivation?What are the causes?

In a day of 24 hours, typically people are busy for 16 hours and what about the remaining hours? Do not panic that is the time a person has to spend on sleeping.  A good sleep provides energy to the person so that he will be able to start his schedule of work the next day. The period of 24 hours is divided into 12 hours – day and 12 hours night. Usually, there is no time to relax or sleep, but often, night time is considered for sleep, because after a hard work throughout the day, a person needs sufficient sleep to recover.  A person can stay without food or water but cannot remain without sleep.  Even if you sleep for an hour giving complete rest to body and mind, it provides sufficient energy. But medically 8 hours is said to be sleep time to have a healthy body and mind.  A proper sleep not only energizes the human body but also increase the beauty of the person- both internally and externally.

Good sleep does not need any luxuries, but to avoid body pains the next day, always sleep on a good mattress.  It is a practical place to sleep on, and the mattress should be neither too soft nor too hard.  There are many dealers in the market to supply mattress to you.  get a quality mattress that is made as per your requirements.  You can get the product at a reasonable price.

A person’s healthmay get disturbed due to lack of sleep or sleeping disorders.  Even though both are related to sleep, there is a lot of difference between lack of sleep and sleeping disorder.  Lack of sleep is that stage whether the person cannot sleep for the prescribed time whereas sleeping disorder is something severe health issue.  The person is unable to sleep due to various factors like depression, fear or some other health issue.  So a person with the sleeping disorder should consult a doctor on priority.

Causes resulting in lack of sleep             

  • Improper diet- When you have a diet not suitable for night time, the food eaten will not digest properly and will create uneasiness which will disturb your sleep. Even sleeping without having food is also not good for health.
  • Improper mattress– If the mattress on which you are sleeping is not clean or has an odd smell, you will feel uneasy while sleeping. So you need to take extra care in the area where you sleep.  Try to keep it clean, dust free and bug-free.
  • Lack of ventilation– Today the world is becoming a concrete jungle, and now you can see many trees cut now and then. Since people construct houses very close to each other, the flow of free air is not possible which leads to a ventilation problem.  Not only air, but natural light is also in scarce.  Even though we have electrical appliances like fans and air conditioners, you feel suffocated when the free and fresh air is not available.

Searching for causes is good, but you will benefit if you take proper care in solving these causes and finding a remedy to it.

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