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5 Amazing Facts on the Rising Eyelid

Do you have droopy eyelids? Do you constantly struggle with a “tired” look and wish to achieve a look that gives a rested appearance?  If you just said yes, then an eyelid surgery in Atlanta will be the perfect answer for you!

The fact is that a person’s eyes are the determining factors that draw us to their personality. They are more like the window to the soul, so they have to appear magnetic, mesmerizing, and charming. Yet, when we age, the most captivating feature can fade away behind those puffy eyes. Usually, a common problem that people experience is having drooping and puffy eyes, which comes from sleepless nights, or hectic days, and causes stressful patches to form under the eyes and this ends up affecting your look.

Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is a procedure that helps to deliver the best and amazing results. As you read below, you will learn more about it and some interesting facts.

The Details on Eyelid Surgery

Even though the latest non-surgical procedures and treatment options can help to reduce wrinkles and make you appear younger, some aging signs and various other cosmetic issues will need surgical corrections. Eyelid surgery is one cosmetic procedure that does not have any non-surgical alternative. Under this option in cosmetic plastic surgery, there are two options, including:

  • Upper eyelid surgery: This removes all the excess or sagging skin that sits above the eyes
  • Lower eyelid surgery: For the removal of the “baggy eye” effect from the lower eyes

However, like any other cosmetic surgery, there are many misunderstandings and misconceptions about the surgery. Here’s explaining some of the facts behind all those surgery myths that you hear.

1.     It Ranks Among the Top Five Cosmetic Procedures

Under the most common surgical procedures that expert, such as those at Crispin Plastic Surgery perform, you will probably expect to see that facelifts rank higher than the eyelid surgery. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, this isn’t actually the case.

Based on a survey conducted in the United States, eyelid surgery makes its way to the top five common cosmetic surgeries that patients seek. It takes its position along with other procedures like tummy tuck, liposuction, breast lift, and breast augmentation.

2.     Surgeons Perform Eyelid Surgery Along With Other Facelift Procedures

Although most candidates prefer to choose this as a solo surgery, it is possible for surgeons to perform it along with other facelift procedures, such as brow lift, chemical skin resurfacing, laser, as well as facial fat transfer. Before you decide to opt for the surgery, it is advisable that you have a detailed consultation with your surgeon and discuss everything you wish to know about the procedure. During the consultation, ask any questions you have in mind and inform the surgeon about how you can reach all your body goals.

3.     People Choose Eyelid Surgery for Common Reasons

The following are the reasons why patients choose eyelid surgery:

  • Loose skin that obscures the upper eyelids natural fold
  • Excess upper eyelid skin that hangs down and impairs the vision
  • Wrinkles under the lower eyelids
  • Puffy lower and upper eyelids, giving the eyes a tired look
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Droopy eyes, which show more of the colored portion of the eye

4.     Eyelid Surgery Gives a Natural Look to the Eyes

When you choose a highly qualified plastic surgeon with years of experience in this surgery, you will not need to worry at all. You will look refreshed and more natural. The surgery will not pull your skin taut and make you appear strange.  Keep in mind that the goal of this surgery is simply to improve the eyes appearance and give them a rested look by restoring its youthful state.

5.     The Scars Fade Away Over Time

During the eyelid surgery in Atlanta, surgeons will make incisions wherever necessary to remove the excess skin. Hence, you should expect some amount of scarring. However, rest assured that the scars would be minimal. An experienced surgeon or a board certified one should be able to make incisions in a way to hide the incisions in the creases of the eyelid. Sometimes, surgeons also make the incisions inside the eyelids. In either case, they will not be visible and the scars do not show when your eyes are open. However, depending on your skin type, the scars may appear visible upon closing the eyes.

Before the surgery, talk to your surgeon and discuss any concerns that you have, or any questions you have in mind. Learn about the possible side effects, and the best precautionary measures you should take.  You may also go through the testimonials of other patients.

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